Monday, September 5, 2011

HEART OF DANGER written by Fleur Beale

This is one for our senior students. HOT OFF THE PRESS! - this is the third book in the Juno series (Juno, Fierce September and now Heart of Danger) by New Zealand author, Fleur Beale.

Juno and her family arrive at their new home, but almost immediately danger threatens Hera and they move to Willem's protection in New Plymouth, the city Juno most hoped to avoid. Fairlands school is too like Taris, and Hilto's son Thomas is a pupil there. The handsome Ivor is also there and soon begins to pay attention to Juno in a way she finds both confusing and exciting. Juno's special mind powers are called upon to help her save Hera, and Heart of Danger carries on to be a rollicking read that veers between scary situations and Juno's discoveries about love and learning more about the powers of her own mind.

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