Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Stories Series

Here are a few of the fantastic books from this series available now at the library.


The Egyptian Princess: In 1490 BC Asha, daughter of King Tuthmosis lives a carefree life at the royal court in Thebes. But when a prophecy foretells that 'a young woman will prove to be the best man in the Two Kingdom' she's caught up in a world of plots and danger.

Catherine of Aragon
It is 1501 and Eva is making the greatest trip of her life - from Spain to London as lady-in-waiting to the Spanish bride of Arthr, Prince of Wales, Catherine of Aragon. But Prince Arthur does not have long to live. What will happen to Catherine, his new wife, then? This is a thrilling story-diary set among the pomp, plots and political wrangling of the Tudor court.

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