Saturday, July 16, 2011

LILY ALONE written by Jacqueline Wilson reviewed by Bob Docherty and donated by Lynne Marwick RTLB

This is a fantastic book suitable for our year 7 & 8 students now available in the library.

Lily isn't home ALONE - but she wishes she was. Looking after her three younger siblings is a lot of responsibility.

When Mum goes off on holiday with her new boyfriend and leaves Lily, six-year-old twins Bliss and Baxter, and little sister Pixie on their own, Lily is determined to keep the family together and show they can cope without any grown-ups. But when she fears their secret is going to be discovered, she decides they need a safer hiding place. What could be better than to take all the little ones for a camping adventure in the park? Plenty of space to run about, no flat to tidy, and surely no chance anyone will guess they're there.....

Lily's things to remember!
How to look after my brother and sisters
1. Make sure they eat three meals a day - and not just ice cream!
2. Keep clothes not too mucky!
3. Everyone must go to bed before midnight, especially Pixie!
4. Don't let them go to school in case they give away our secret.
5. Keep everyone safe till Mum comes back....

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