Saturday, July 9, 2011


We have had a fantastic 'Book Week/Book Fair' this week at KNS - Mrs Lynskey is ready for a cup of tea and a lie down!

Thanks to all of the students and staff who dressed up as a 'book character' for the parade yesterday. The Northern Outlook have published some wonderful photos of you in todays edition (Saturday 9th July) so look out for it. Prizes were given for the best dressed in each syndicate - but really, so many of you deserved prizes for all the effort you put into your costumes. Dylan (room 5) made his own 'Robin Hood' dagger, Matthew and Rebecca, your mother is fantastic at making costumes, you both looked great, Braden as 'Sam I Am' was brilliant with his plate of green eggs, Sinead as 'Mrs Wishy Washy', I loved the rollers in your hair! - just to name a few. Also many of the staff went to a huge effort - apart from Cruella De Greenfield, who won the best dressed staff member, Mrs Reid was very convincing as 'Grandma' from Grandma Joins the All Blacks!

We can't forget 'Clifford' the dog, who unfortunately, had a very nasty fall at the parade. I am sure we all here at KNS hope he is OK - even though the Koru teachers thought it was hugely funny at the time (in particular, Mrs P (room 3) and Miss T (room 5)!!!

Thank you also to the families who donated books to the library from the book fair. These books will be a great addition to our collection and will be available to borrow from next week. Some books (which Bob Docherty reviewed) have waiting lists - so add your name now!

We were lucky enough to have Bob Docherty come and review books to our Nikau and Kauri Syndicates. I have a list of all the books Bob mentioned and will try and purchase them all for our library (as funding allows).

Zac Harding, Children's Librarian from Christchurch, visited our Koru and Wheki syndicates. Zac read two fantastic picture books, which the students loved. Along with the students, Zac also 'acted out' a story with many students dressing up for their role! If the laughter and cheers were anything to go by, the students thought it was heaps of fun!

As mentioned in an earlier post, local author, Jane Buxton came to KNS and read her new picture book 'Harry's Hair'. A wonderful picture of the students with Jane was in the Wednesday edition of the Northern Outlook. One of our lovely TA's - Angie, came dressed as 'Harry' for the book character parade. She had hair just like Harry with snakes, spiders and all sorts of other things living in there.

A big thanks to all the mums who helped with the refreshments and to Matthew from room 18's dad, Gary, who along with Mr O, cooked the sausages for our fundraising lunch - which we can purchase more new books with :-) - thank you for supporting this.

Mrs Lynskey and Mrs Greenfield

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  1. Mrs Lynskey you are AWESOME. Thanks for a fantastic week of fun and learning!